Welcome to Josie Pozies

“In-between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.” -Sid Caesar

Josie Pozies is a place to document the big moments and small adventures that make up the in-between of life. With delicious recipes, the science behind beauty and style, a few of my favorite things and so much more, I hope to encourage people to find their in-between just like me. I’m a girl who wears Lilly Pulitzer under her lab coat, who loves monograms, science journalism, knitted coffee cozies and dairy cattle. I’m a mix and match of personalities and styles, but I’m 100 percent me. I hope that Josie Pozies can be a place for you to mix and match for yourself to find your in-between. No matter what people say, don’t ever forget to be you and to

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