Welcome to Josie Pozies

Josie Pozies¬†is a place to document the big moments and small adventures that make up life. Things can be calm and collected or hectic and messy, but that’s life and you have to embrace it, because it’s the only one you get. I try to remember to stay focused on my goals, but to never lose my personality while working towards them. I’m a girl who wears Lilly Pulitzer under her lab coat, who loves monograms, science journalism, knitted coffee cozies, and dairy cattle. I’m a mix and match of personalities and styles, but I’m 100 percent me. Explore what keeps me sparkly with delicious recipes, the science behind beauty and style, and so much more. I hope they become a source of sparkle for you too. Let Josie Pozies¬†be a place to encourage you to work hard and never lose yourself.