Extreme Makeover: First Apartment Edition

This is the Year of New for me. It’s a new school year which is terrifying since it’s already my junior year, I’ve got a new job, a new kitten, and a new apartment! The apartment is one of the most exciting parts in the Year of New, and it wouldn’t have happened without my amazing parents taking time to come up and putting it together for me.

“I HGTV’ed the shit out of it,” -Mom

They took a blank slate and turned it into a home that my roommate and I can enjoy for the next couple years before we graduate and have to face the real world. My Mom took her incredible design eye and made the apartment something beautiful. Also, shout out to my Dad for suffering through putting together all the furniture with all those confusing directions and random pieces that always get lost somehow.

It was also months in the making, since we started shopping for it when I moved out of the dorms this spring.  82Tip: Shop at consignment or thrift stores right after spring semester ends. People who graduated are donating all their old stuff and you can score a great deal. Our biggest score was a Natuzzi 3 piece sectional and a kitchen table with 4 chairs.

We made the a whole apartment a balance of new and used items to make it the perfect space!

We spent every waking hour of five whole days working on this place, and it came out incredible. Every room has it’s own look and personality, and to be honest, it looks pretty damn good for a first college apartment. I even have my own pub table set and beautiful, golden bar cart of my dreams in the living room. Did I mention we live directly across from the stadium? Game days have been crazy so far, since we get a front row seat to all the excitement and fun.

My favorite room in the whole place is my bedroom. It’s my first time having my own room since I was 5-years-old, and I’m loving having my own space. It’s a preppy, coastal cottage combination and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted.


The coolest part of my bedroom is the driftwood contact paper as an accent wall. The contact paper was my Mom’s idea, and it’s a great way to make any room your own since you can’t paint walls or put up wallpaper in an apartment. Contact paper goes on and comes off easily, which can sometimes be a pain when the humidity gets bad in the apartment and makes it peel since we don’t have AC. It’s easy to fix, but it can get a bit annoying, so keep that in mind. We used it in my bedroom, the kitchen, and the living  room. It adds so much to a bland, generic apartment wall, and there are tons of designs and options to chose from. Check out all the ways my Mom used them in the gallery below!

I’m so excited to share all the before and after pictures with y’all. Keep an eye out for Rey, my new kitten, wandering around in some of the photos. I’ll make a Meet Rey post soon! Enjoy the virtual gallery tour!

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Cheers, Josie